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Çukurova University
Faculty of Science and Letters
Department of Mathematics


Department of Mathematics - Cukurova University


       The Department of Mathematics was founded as part of the faculty of Basic Sciences in 1978. After the establishment of Faculty of Sciences and Letters in 1982, the department started its undergraduate program in 1983. In 2003 some members of the department joined newly formed Department of Statistics. At present there are 6 Professors, 5 Associate professors, 3 Assistant professors, 0 Instructor(s) and 3 Research assistants in the Department of Mathematics.
       The Department expects students at the end of their undergraduate studies to

  • have a knowledge of the basic skills in the subject of their degree and of a range of more specialised topics;
  • have the ability to master the essentials of the new topics through independent study;
  • have enhanced their general skills in logical and analytical thought;
  • have developed their skills in written and oral communication.
      Academic staff of the department are expected to publish research articles on their specific areas and collaborate with academic staff from national and international universities.

Cukurova University
Faculty of Sciences and Letters
Department of Mathematics
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